Because our earth is an island that we all must learn to live on, in peace.
Because together we are bigger and stronger.
Because international service work, designed and managed by experienced development professionals, provides unparalleled opportunities for growth.
Because international service should also be available to committed people from developing countries.
Because now more than ever, we need to build alliances on this island...
... beginning with one person ...
... beginning with you.
Summer 2016 internships are filling up! For a summer internship apply before April 15. Apply today!

What is ISLA?

International Service Learning Alliance (ISLA) is the internship, volunteer and group project program of the Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE). ISLA supports FCDE's community development work by placing, training and supporting individuals and groups who share our vision of creating positive impact in developing world communities.

What do you have to share?

Each one of us has unique experiences and an arsenal of skills that we’ve cultivated in our lifetime. If you’ve been breathing, interacting, socializing, building, working, playing and communicating in this complex world, you have built skills. Identifying and learning how to leverage your skills and experience into effective results is critical in today’s dynamic employment market. A well-structured and amply supported internship is a great opportunity to identify and actualize the assets that you have to share.

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